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Pic of Geno
Geno Bates

Principal, South Baker Intermediate School

Baker School District 5J

(541) 524-2350

Welcome to South Baker Intermediate School and the home of the Greatest Crew around. It is a
truly joyous time for the staff at South Baker, and I am very excited to be working with such a
dedicated group of educators and support staff here in Baker City to support and prosper our 4 th
thru 6 th grade students.


At SBI we have many fun and enriching opportunities for our students ranging from Outdoor
School for all 6 th graders, to Expeditionary Learning projects in all three grade levels that bring in
hands on engaging learning opportunities. Our staff is committed to teaching and enriching ALL
students through many different activities and opportunities throughout the school year.
Throughout the school year, I would like to encourage all parents and guardians to get involved
in their child’s education. Your support, help, and encouragement are vital to the success of each
child’s education. Taking time to read or listen to your child read, help them with their
homework, and making sure they attend school on a regular basis will help guide them to good
study habits, and instill in them the importance of school, reading and homework. Parents and
guardians, working together with our school staff will help instill in our students good work
habits and dedication to learning, which will only benefit each child as they proceed through
their educational career.


From time to time, many of you will have concerns about various items. I encourage you to
discuss these concerns openly with your children’s teachers. If you don’t feel satisfied with that
meeting, I encourage you to call and make arrangements to meet with me. I highly encourage
open communication between parents and our teaching staff. This is vital to the success of our
children and their needs.


I am looking forward to a super year and getting acquainted with the students and parents/
guardians of our students here at South Baker Intermediate School. Please feel free to stop by
and visit with me if you have any concerns.


Geno Bates



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